performance anxiety

Melody Music Therapy offers treatment of stage researched the relief of various professional groups.

Musiikkiterapeutilla has experience in the treatment of stage therapeutic conversation, fysioakustisen treatment and clinical improvisation through.

The occurrence guided by a multi-faceted development of the brain, experience, training, and account related to the working memory sharing and interaction, all of which are areas of stress can affect. The ideal representation of the situation consists of the equivalence of the characteristics of the nature of the artist features, performance, or their own skills in the software level of difficulty and the extent and the combined effect of performance situations familiarity / strangeness. the interaction of these factors affects the occurrence of stage fright either enhancing or reducing it. To manage performance anxiety should be the performer to be able to deal with the presence of the man himself, relating to the proposal and the presentation of the situation of fears.

Music therapy, performance anxiety can be treated by addressing the causes of stage fright, manifestations, their own self-image and self perception and knowledge of the body. Information about why the nervous tension occurs and why I thus facilitating their approach to performance anxiety. The methods can be used in addition to the therapeutic conversation fysioakustista treatment to increase body awareness and relaxation, as well as clinical improvisation.

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